Our Company is part of the holding that was founded in 2003 and is specialized in the chemical production for heat-power engineering, metallurgy, agriculture, petroleum production entities, as well as in surfactant manufacture. The holding includes the chemical manufacturing facility and the Research and Development Center for new product design and technologies assimilation.


  At the competitive markets, the production growth level is specified with the accelerated rate of implementation of new scientific research results, technologies, adoption of new production processes. Following the current trends, our company continuously upgrades based on implementation of advanced materials and new business processes, anticipating consumer expectations. We steadily ensure the best quality-to-price ratio to secure the partner demand filling to the highest extent.


  This web-site offers a series of surfactants manufactured under the Xellan® trademark. We are glad to introduce our innovation, Xellan®-Cleaner, along with typical and acknowledged surfactants like LABSA, SLES, etc. The product is derived from natural fatty acids; it is intended to produce liquid detergents and is promoted as the SLES substitute being as efficient as the SLES but priced cheaper. Also, in 2018 we have scheduled the start-up of SULFATE-FREE surfactants production like Alkyl (poly)Glycosides, Sulfosuccinates, Amphoacetates, etc. Low price is their key advantage.


  We call attention of our customers to profit of our free Service Support offered by our R&D Center for the purpose of adaptation and implementation of our products in the process of customer's detergents production, as well as new formulations design.


  We highly appreciate our regular customers for their choice and loyalty. We feel optimistic about the future and we strive to exceed Your expectations. We wish You every success in business, happiness and prosperity!